Welcome The Durham Free School is a new 11-18 secondary school which will open its doors to Year 7 students in September 2013. It will provide an exciting new educational opportunity for our children and our communities. Led by Peter Cantley, The Durham Free School’s newly appointed Headteacher, it will offer a distinctive and inclusive education, shaped by traditional Christian values and welcoming to all. The School will offer a high quality education in a caring, Christian environment in which each student is known, valued and encouraged to achieve his or her individual potential. We are committed to outstanding academic performance and to fostering a love of learning in our students.

We work hard to prepare our pupils not just for going to University, but for entering the competitive modern jobs market. We have links with training providers in a number of different industries, organizations who provide discounted courses, scholarships and apprenticeships to our school-leavers. Most recently we secured an agreement with Discovery UK for discount personal trainer courses for students with an aptitude in sports or physical education who want to pursue a career in the fitness and leisure industry.

Our students will:

  • act responsibly and respectfully
  • aim high in life and learning
  • engage with and contribute to the local community

Our staff will:

  • support all students to achieve their greatest academic potential
  • provide a nurturing environment where students and their individual learning needs are known by all
  • encourage parental engagement

We will place emphasis on all members of our community co-operating with others considerately and honestly, promoting the understanding that with rights come responsibilities.  


We are committed to:

  • providing the very best education within a calm, ordered and safe environment
  • ensuring every individual is valued for who they are, not for what they can do
  • providing opportunities, excellent role models, clear boundaries and high expectations
  • enable pupils to develop into a good citizens and positively contribute to society
  • excellent outcomes for all pupils.
Next Presentation Evening
17th April – 7.30pm, Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham Our next big event is going to be at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Durham on Wednesday 17th April at 7.30pm. We have booked a bigger venue this time, because we want to spend part of the evening listening to what parents and Year 6 children would like to tell us about their hopes and aspirations for the school, so that we can address these in our planning. To do this we thought we would invite groups of parents and children to sit around circular tables, and to talk directly with one of the school Governors or members of staff, so that we can listen and make notes during part of the evening. We regard this as being crucially important to our approach, because, whilst we want to be clear about what we have to offer, we also want to listen carefully and be responsive to parents and children, so that everyone is involved in shaping the future of the school. There will be tea, coffee, squash and biscuits available on arrival in the foyer of the main conference room on the ground floor from 7.00pm, and the evening will begin with a formal presentation at 7.30pm. There will also be time for questions at the end of the evening, both formally in the final session and informally chatting afterwards. This will be a ticketed event for parents and Year 6 children. In order to apply for a ticket, please contact us.